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Quick and Easy Hot and Sour Soup

You can be eating a wonderful Hot & Sour soup in under 15 min. Here is how! 

This is all you need! Now if you like you can add some meat like chicken, shrimp or beef. Fish doesn't hold up well just fyi. 

Directions are easy. Open and dump it in a pot! I use the liquid from the cans and add just a little water. All the other stuff is 

to taste. The vinegar, chili oil, soy sauce, etc. experiment with what you like. It is a very heart soup! 

Here is what it looks like after you dump it all in. Now this will serve anywhere between 2 to 6 people depending on the size of

bowl you serve it in! 


Here is what your final product will look like. So Yummy! Give it a try and let me know what you think! 

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