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Sex, Lies and Divorce in the White House

According to a family source, Melania Trump allegedly has no intention of carrying out her duties as First Lady of the United States, and she will stay in New York City until the end of her husbands Presidency. It will likely cost the taxpayers roughly $1 million per day in security costs alone.

When asked if he gets lonely in the White House without his family, Donald Trump said "no," but that the time away permits him to work longer hours. Insider sources allegedly said that he is not alone. Many late night companions have come to visit him in the private residences. 

Could there be a divorce on the way? Sources say not yet. It is alleged that President Trump has made a financial deal that may delay a divorce if there is one coming until after his 1st term is complete. We are told Melania is allegedly very upset with him running for another term. 

Lies, Infidelity and Divorce could be the legacy this president leaves for future generations to judge him by. 

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    Those stupid buttercup Trumpettes this is what you get in the White House. I am sure you don't care. The cheetos face President will just find a younger model looking at getting her payoff. I wonder if it will be someone working in the White House already. He admired what Bill did so I am sure he is boning someone. Hope he won't leave evidence on her dress.
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