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Beta testing Promotional Lifetime membership. No Advertising! No selling of your information! Full Access for Free! You can use any of our money-making sections for free for life. When this has stock and is bought and sold on the exchange all beta testing members will be given stock in the company! Help us make this go big!
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Yearly membership. No Advertising! No selling of your information! You get basic user access. You can't sell any products or services with this account. There are other service levels for those who want to make money on our site.
Shop owner (365 дней)
Shop owner is a yearly membership that gives you access to the store. You can sell items to our membership.
100 USD
Realtor Package (365 дней)
Realtor package gives you access to sell real estate to our users. This is a yearly fee.
250 USD
Gig member (365 дней)
Gig is a section where you can offer your services for a price. You post what you are willing to do for X number of dollars. People will then pay you to do those things. It can be anything from making a logo to standing on your head for 5 min. You make the gig and maybe someone will pay you to do it!
10 USD
Full Selling Package (365 дней)
This is our full package. You get access to Gigs, Real estate, Shop, and our advertisement section. Anywhere you can make money you now have access to it. Best value to make money on our site.
200 USD